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Dental Professionals

Advanced Dental Associates, Inc. is a dental staffing referral service serving Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, and surrounding areas of North Carolina. We are not your traditional staffing company, we are a referral service to our clients. We provide dependable, professional, dental personel to the area.

Some of our notable services include:

  • Pre-screened quality candidates
  • Reference and performance evaluations on file
  • Licenses and certifications on file
  • No fee to list or interview
  • Confirmed interviews and placements
  • Face to Face Interviews with each candidate
  • Background checks

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Dentists are all licensed in the state of North Carolina and carry all current credentials, which are on file and updated in our office, yearly. We welcome new graduates and seasoned dentists, offering them the opportunity to work temporarily or permanently in a variety of capacities: checking hygiene and seeing emergencies; checking hygiene, operative, and seeing emergencies. This can be for a daily, weekly, or monthly position. Most dentists are requested back to offices over and over again with the opportunity for steady work, Associateships, and office transitions. We offer the setting for dentist to build relationships in the field with constant networking in a variety of offices.

Temping as a dentist is a win, win for a new graduate. Our biggest compliment from our temporary dentists are they take something valuable from each office. This gives them a chance to see how a dental office is actually operated and they experience , different philosophies, product used, management styles, benefits they offer their staff, marketing techniques, and what they will take or leave from the experience. ( the good, the bad and the ugly) We have two state of the art dental schools in North Carolina: UNC Dental School in Chapel Hill and ECU Dental School in Greenville.

Photo of Dental Hygienist.

Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists either have an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college in order to work as a licensed professional. Our hygienists are all licensed by the state of North Carolina and update their credentials in our office yearly. They are dependable, reliable, prompt, and dedicated individuals who take their jobs seriously with the utmost integrity. Whether they are temporary or permanent candidates, they treat each patient with respect. We facilitate permanent and temporary placements throughout the area and are well respected. If you are relocating to our area, getting back into the workforce, looking for a job change or just wanted to pick up some extra days we would love to help you.Our candidates can be placed on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. It could be a sick leave, maternity leave or vacation leave. We recruit through the many colleges in North Carolina that offer a dental hygiene program.

Advanced Dental Associates, Inc. offers lunch and learns to the students to inform them of the many job opportunities in the area, how to prepare for an interview, what to look for in their first job, and to help them adjust to keeping on schedule through various temporary positions as soon as they are licensed. We also exhibit and sponsor at most North Carolina Dental Hygiene Association meetings and are proud members of the Association.

Photo of Dental Assistant.

Dental Assistants

Dental Assistants in North Carolina are classified in two categories, DAII which is a graduate of an ADA-accredited dental assisting program or completed the Dental Assisting National Board and are a CDA, or on the job trained under the direct supervision of a dentist, with courses in radiology, medical emergencies, infection control, coronal polishing and CPR (full time employment under the direct supervision of a dentist to equal 2 years or 3000 hours) DAI is on the job trained with limited duties, usually has courses in radiology, infection control, medical emergencies and CPR. Visit for a complete list of delegable functions of dental assistants in our state.

We recruit and place temporary and permanent dental assistants that are upbeat, dependable, reliable and professional. The dental assistant plays an integral role in a dental office, a knowledgeable, contentious, cooperative, prepared assistant, that can multi-task will always be employed. Advanced Dental Associates, Inc. is always recruiting top notch assistants for our clients whether it’s on a daily basis or permanent hire. Working interviews will seal the deal on the right placement. Our most requested dental assistant is a DAII, but we do have positions for DAI’s.

Photo of front office staff personel.

Front Office Staff

The first person anyone sees in a dental office is your front office staff. They are the face of the office and will be an integral part of the dental team. Organization, communication and excellent customer service skills are of the utmost of importance. Dental software varies from office to office so good computer skills are a must. Whether you are on the job trained or a seasoned receptionist, financial coordinator, insurance specialist, office manager, we can help you find the right position. This is generally a position that is a permanent placement, but we do list maternity leaves and sick leaves for temporary placement. It’s a tough position to place on a daily basis.

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Quality Over Quantity

Many of our new clients ask me, why are you different? Many of our regular clients will tell you it’s the commitment to matching the right candidate to the right practice. We believe in the uniqueness of every office and candidate. This is why we value our “face to face” interviews with each dental professional working with us. We feel this is integral to our success of providing quality dental staffing. We realize, not only does the candidate represents us, more importantly they represent our clients to their customers.

Whether you’re a practice looking to hire their next employee or a dental professional looking for their next permanent position, we have always recommend working interviews. Many years ago this was not the practice. Today, it’s key to ensuring the proper fit and harmony in any practice. Our model that has been developed with decades of success is for the potential new hire to work in the office for a day or two. After the choice is made, we guarantee that permanent placement with a 30/60 day limited guarantee.

We are proud to serve the dental community with awesome staff through constant recruiting and the building of relationships. If you’re in the dental community today and are ready to make a change, please feel free to reach out to Advance Dental Associates Inc. by emailing We’re looking forward to serving you.

We Serve The Entire Team!

Job satisfaction is a major part of personal happiness. Career opportunities of a permanent and temporary nature are available through Advanced Dental Associates, Inc. If you seek job relocation, a new beginning or are returning to the work force, we can meet your every employment need.

  • Commitment to recruitment
  • Licenses & certifications on file
  • Confirmed placements
  • No fee to list or interview
  • Working interviews
Photo of Mindy Gill.
Mindy Gill

Mindy Lazear Gill is a graduate from West Liberty University with a BA degree. My career in the dental field started with Hygiene Associates Inc. in Rockville, Maryland, under the direction of Pamela Lazear Quinones, RDH. What began as a 6-month temporary job quickly turned into a lifelong passion with dental staffing. Together we made a great team, Pam’s passion for dental hygiene and staffing built a successful business helping dental offices in the Metro area to realizing their full potential.

After 11 years in the Washington DC Metro area, my husband took a transfer to Raleigh, NC. During the initial years I spent time getting my children settled into school and volunteering where needed in many school functions. Though I was very active in my children’s early development, I never lost interest in the dental community. After several years of careful planning, it was time to bring the Hygiene Associates’ model to the Raleigh area by opening the doors to Advance Dental Associates Inc.

Today, I am active in the NC Dental Community. I’m a current member of the Durham-Orange Hygiene Association. ADA Inc. supports, exhibits and sponsors at the meetings of the NC Dental Society, NCAGD, NCDHA, NCMOMs, TADS, The Cleft Palate Gallop 5K and the AADOM Triangle Chapter.

In summary, communities are what we make of them. The active involvement and volunteering makes NC Dental Communities one of the best in the nation.

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